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Where will your next scuba diving trip take you?

There's a world of underwater adventure waiting for you. As a certified diver you hold the passport to the last frontier. Be transformed as you experience pristine marine ecosystems, vibrant worlds of reefs and colorful fish or explore ancient shipwrecks.

August Spotlight: Colombia

Dive with giants in Colombia in either the Pacific or the Caribbean. Head to Malpelo where hammerheads await you, or simply lounge on the sandy coastline in this jungled country.

September Spotlight: Italy

Italy is a place unlike any other in the world. Diving is found around the entire peninsula and on the myriad of islands also including in the country’s political boundaries.

October Spotlight: Australia

From colorful coral reefs in northern, tropical water to giant kelp forests in the south, Australia offers it all. Explore a unique destination highlighted by diverse diving environments.

Your diving calendar for the year ahead.

Looking to plan your next dive trip? We’ve got you covered with some amazing diving destinations for every month of the year.

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